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Delicate like you and me

I aspire to illuminate the delicate dance between humanity and nature, underscoring the resilience and shared threads that bind us together. My chosen medium, photography, acts as a bridge, intertwining aesthetics, ecology, and human consciousness. The series is created to carve out a space for contemplation, inviting viewers to delve into the concealed beauty within nature.

At the heart of my artistic approach lies a commitment to ethical practices, particularly in the art of collecting. Meticulous research and precise guidelines ensure the responsible gathering of botanical specimens, whether acquired with permission or sourced from my own untamed garden. These measures not only contribute to the visual tapestry but also safeguard the thriving existence of these plants in their natural habitat, preserving their vitality for generations to come.

These seemingly ordinary wild plants, often overlooked in the rush of daily life, take center stage as poignant reminders of our profound connection to the natural world. Their presence serves as a source of inspiration, evoking sentiments of humility and reverence, prompting us to acknowledge the delicate and intricate balance that sustains all life forms.

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