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Between Worlds

This photographic series is based on Alberto Giocometti's statement: "The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity". The work endeavours to be both alienlike and to give an insight into the world we live in, exploring the representation of reality through photography.
It is a place of paradox, where colours glow with an intensity beyond the ordinary and textures reverberate like echoes from forgotten dreams. Here reality and magic intertwine and dance a delicate waltz on the precipice of understanding, as if a veil has been lifted to reveal a secret garden where colours vibrate with otherworldly energy. These photographs are not mere depictions of reality, but glimpses into my inner vision that goes beyond the everyday: the everyday landscapes around me are transformed - they bend, break and fold in on themselves. A sunlit meadow becomes a kaleidoscope of refracted light; a rain-soaked street reflects the melancholy of passing souls. I play with perspective. I ask: what if we were to look at reality through a refracted lens? What if we saw the world as a Möbius strip in which inside and outside merge seamlessly? The distortions become revelations - the familiar becomes strange, the ordinary is imbued with wonder. Shadows lengthen, trees bend into infinity, and time unravels like a coil of silver thread. Technically, I work within nature with reflective and holographic materials to create these dreamlike effects.

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