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Current Work




2021 - 2022

Project Description
My interest lies in the hidden stories that these fleeting moments printed on paper carry and in the anonymity and unknown history of people and their relationships. I try to expand the mysteries, intensify them or open up new possibilities for other stories and dialogues. In my working practice I transform old photographs of people and places into other realities. With objects like glass, thread and sewing needles, I try to open a window through which one sees another world.

The sewing utensils in my work are often given to me by family members or acquaintances. Having grown up with sewing machines and knitting materials, I use these, for me, sentimental objects to connect my current work with my past. The use of yarn in my work represents the close bonds that exist between family members. A tightly woven unity, connected by origin, time and place. Another object I often include in my work is broken glass. Glass is both protection and projection and represents a complex system of passageways.


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